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Erlenbach supplies lost foam technology to Russia

Our shape moulding machine EMMotion has been more than suitable for this special application

Erlenbach designed a shape moulding machine, which meets all requirements of the lost foam production, for one of the biggest foundries in Russia at a record speed. The basis has only been the 3D-data, we got from the customer.

As a sub-supplier of a European automobile group, our customer has high quality requirements of the end product. Therefore, Erlenbach had to deliver a custommade solution, and due to our high technology standards we have been able to do it.

The challenge of this project was not only to lower the costs per unit and to optimize the production process for the customer. The technical demands regarding the filling and measure correctness have been fulfilled by Erlenbach’s outstanding technology in cooperation with the mould maker.

Our shape moulding machine EMMotion has been more than suitable for this special application: The application of this most energy-efficient unit connected the relevant precision technology for lost foam parts with the fast cycle times. This provided highest customer satisfaction.

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